What to do in St. Maarten?

One island, 37 beaches and one of the most famous airport in the world: that’s St. Maarten! It is part of the European Union but has a Caribbean atmosphere. The northern part is the territory of France, while the southern belongs to the Netherlands.

This article shows you what can you do on the island, like discovering the world-famous Maho beach, driving around the island or shopping and partying.

If you don’t know what to do in St. Maarten, here are some ideas

Maho Beach

This is one of the most exciting programs you can do in St. Maarten. This beach is located right next to the island’s airport. The beach and the runway is separated by only a fence and a narrow street.

Aircraft landing in Maho Beach, St. Maarten.

Therefore, the aircrafts are landing extremely low above the beach and it’s all really exciting. You can enjoy the show from the bar next to the beach with a cocktail.


37 beaches at 87km2: not so bad. A lot of them is known as the best ones in the Caribbean. You either prefer sunbathing, scuba diving or doing water sports, pretty sure you will find the most suitable beach for you. There are calm, peaceful shores as well as crowded beaches with bars and restaurants. Watersport lovers will find places for wakeboard, kitesurf, windsurf and snorkeling.

Car rental

As the island is small, it can be discovered by car in a few hours. It is possibly the best way to see the most of it. There are car rentals at the airport and also in Philipsburg around the harbor. It’s enough to rent a car for one or two days, pack all your beach towels and bikinis and head to the beaches. You can discover more of them in one day.

Restaurants and nightlife

The restaurants of the island offer an exciting variety of foods: BBQ-dinners, locally caught fish and seafood, different dishes with meat with local spices and creole sauce of course. If you are a fan of Caribbean flavors, you should buy these sauces for home. Make sure you try some of the rum-based cocktails and then you are ready for the island nightlife! You can end up in a casino or a beach bar, your night will not disappoint. There are more casinos in Philipsburg, Cole Bay and Simpson Bay.

The traditional drink of the island is called Guavaberry, which is made of rum, brown sugar and local berries.


Another cool thing to do in St. Maarten is shopping. In fact, the island is taxfree, so jewelry, clothes, tobacco and alcohol is cheaper. Local markets are also worth a visit.


Wondering what can you do in St. Maarten, if you don’t feel like spending another day at the beach, or if it’s cloudy? Hike! The highest point of the island is Pic Paradis (424 m). You can go up till halfway by car, then you have to walk. The view is stunning from the top.

View from Pic Paradis (424m)

Trip to Anguilla

If you tried everything you can do in St. Maarten, you can take a one-day trip to the island of Anguilla which is located 20 km from St. Maarten. After a short boat trip, you can start discovering new beaches!